Looking to expand your online sales and have a warehouse located in the EU? The Link plan connects your warehouse with many additional sales channels.

Gateway service

Easily enter a market without having to set up shop there. Our gateway service will make your life easy and connect to Bol.com.

Devise strategy

At the beginning of each project we will help you devise a strategy for the local markets. Our knowledge of the markets and channels will help to become successful. We will constant be looking for the best possible structure and channels for our partners to improve performance.

Customer service (optional)

We manage all customer service via chat, email or phone. With many years of experience we know how to satisfy your customers needs.

Content service (optional)

Do you offer items not in the Bol.com catalog? We can create high quality SEO proof content and update it according to its performance. Centralized storage helps to distribute the content on to all additional channels and much more.

Phone service

To sell on Bol.com you will need to have a Dutch phone number. Our phone service covers this requirement.

Channel Integration

Order and content connection for perfect and automated order handling.


Connect with all marketplaces in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Returns and B-Stock management

Returns are a part of e-commerce. We have created a solution with automated listing of B-Stock items on the best know second hand marketplace in the Netherlands. This service will greatly reduce cost and improve profitability.

Brand protection

We monitor and actively protect your brand and listings on marketplaces.

Financial service

We handle VAT and local invoicing according to requirements. Extend our service with optional additional performance reporting.


Setting up and managing sponsored product campaigns.




Per Month

The “link” plan starts at an 4,5% turnover fee, with a threshold of € 199 a month.

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